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EDF phone number

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EDF phone number

The EDF contact number is one of the most dialled helplines around. As the central way through which people get in touch with the customer service team of one of the main gas and electricity providers in the UK. Thankfully, the company have a large bank of British-based call centre staff who are ready and able to deal with all of the enquiries sent their way by consumers who are calling for one reason or another.

As a company, EDF Energy is known for providing gas and electricity to homes across the country. They sit as part of the “big six”, alongside the likes of EON, British Gas and npower – against whom them are constantly fighting for business. While each of them certainly win over consumers on the basis of price, some of the main ways in which EDF have stolen a march on their rivals is through bettering their reputation among the public. Advertising created some of this, but a lot of it has been achieved through making sure that the EDF customer service team are among the on the market. The fact that they constantly sit towards the top of polls on customer relations done by independent review sites shows this – and the EDF Energy phone number is likely the main instigator for such results.

The complexity of EDF’s operations is reflected in the amount of different departments that the EDF phone number has to have in its UK call centres. While it could be broken down into providing gas and electricity for homes and business, the amount of different tariffs and provisions that they have created for each. As well as the problems that can arise with billing, leaks and outages mean that they have to employ thousands of staff to make the EDF Energy contact number to deal with the influx of calls.

Why do people call the EDF contact number?

As with any utility provider, the reasons behind people calling the EDF Energy phone number are vast and varied. Given how vital that their services are to people across the country – as well as the rising cost of gas and electricity – there are thousands of things that can prompt a phone call to their helplines. Issues over billing are a problem, as well as emergencies (gas leaks, power outages and other dangerous situations), as well as people looking to either move to or move away from the company. Like their rivals, the EDF contact number staff also have to deal with a huge amount of people calling for straightforward administrative matters, such as moving house or adjusting direct debit details. In addition, there are always people who have general enquiries or need to make a complaint – and thankfully the EDF Energy customer service staff can quickly and easily manage both of these matters.

The EDF Energy phone number is supplemented by additional customer support portals – this has been a trend in most businesses over the course of the past few years. The idea is that it can reduce costs for companies while giving the people who are signed up for their services more options over how they can get in touch with businesses. However, the range of different problems that can be raised through automated customer service platforms, live-chat and over e-mail are relatively limited. Especially compared to making a call to the central EDF customer service helpline number this can often mean that matters take much longer to get resolved. All of these reasons are why experts still advise that a call to the EDF contact number is the way to have any issue quickly and easily resolved.

Common questions asked of EDF customer services

How can I cancel my EDF Energy account?

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

Given how often people move from one gas and electricity provider to another, the EDF contact number has a huge staff dedicated to dealing exclusively with cancellations of contracts with the company.

The EDF cancellation team should be able to make sure that your account is closed off and paid up pretty much immediately over the phone. As long as you are outside of your initial contract period with the company and are not in any specific agreement with them.

Alternatively, in many cases your new provider may be able to arrange for your EDF account to be closed off. In these cases, it is still advisable to give the EDF phone number a call in order to resolve the matter.

I would like to sign up to EDF - how can I do this?

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

Although EDF do make themselves available on almost every platform imaginable (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). The ways in which you can sign up for their service are reduced down to being through their official website and over the phone.

A dedicated advisor who works for the EDF phone number will be able to tailor your plan to your needs, depending on the information that you need. While their website sign up process may be able to fit around your schedule, the phone number offers greater options. This kind of customer service can never be replicated by machine – and is why so many people still prefer to call a helpline rather than do things online.

How can I make a complaint about EDF?

This site offers advice and call forwarding options, and we are in no way affiliated with any organisation mentioned on this website. Calls to 084 numbers cost up to 7p per minute plus your network access charge.

Sadly, with any company of the size of EDF, there are always going to be a number of people who need to make a complaint about the service that they are receiving. Thankfully, the EDF Energy customer service team are among the around for managing such matters, and should be able to look accurately into whatever matter is causing an issue fairly and quickly.

EDF complaints can also be filed online, or through the post. Both of these methods have a relatively long turnaround time, which can often serve to exacerbate matters rather than properly resolve the issue – which is why we recommend a phone call.

If you feel that your matter is unresolved, you can request that the matter be passed on to an industry ombudsman. The EDF contact number team are legally bound to provide you with the information with which you can do this – and it normally involves writing letters and providing bills and other documentation.

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    With people more worried about the effect that their choices may have upon the environment than ever before, a huge number of individuals are now paying more attention to exactly how their energy providers are powering their homes. Here, we have a look at how EDF are generating electricity for their customers. It is important to note that these statistics are taken directly from the company themselves and are from April 2012 - March 2013. Since that period, EDF have opened a gas-fired powered station which will have had an enormous impact on these numbers. There are currently no stats available that include that particular station, or any numbers that are more recent.

EDF Energy Infographic

The importance of nuclear power to EDF, and the damage of coal

As the statistics above show, nuclear power has become of the utmost importance to EDF. Despite the fact that many of their customers are likely still uneasy with it as a power source, given the disasters that can occur when using radioactive material. However, the main alternative - coal - provides much less energy, despite having an enormous effect on the environment. Nuclear provides 73.7 of all power used by the company but contributes 0% to their carbon emissions - in comparison to 17% of all energy and 96.4% of carbon emissions from coal.  It is unclear whether the EDF contact number has had any feedback in regards to their current power station policy or whether the company plan on changing this in the immediate future.