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Economy Energy is a UK company that is based in Warwickshire. The company provide electricity and gas to the British public. They have three low price tariffs that include: Evergreen, Economy and Direct Saver. Their Economy Energy Contact Number (for call connections) for advice about these different tariffs through Dial2Donate is (Calls cost 7ppm + network charges) 0843 504 7712, with more information found on their website. Below the three different types of tariff will be explored in a little more detail.

Different types of tariff you can speak to the Economy Energy Contact Number (for call connections) team about

Evergreen tariff

This tariff involves no contract as it is a rolling month by month tariff, meaning that consumers can opt out of the service at any time. As there is no contract this also means that the tariff offers variable rates. If consumers do opt out of this tariff they will not be penalised for doing so as there is no additional cost or leaving fee.

Economy tariff

This tariff does involve a contract and all prices for both electricity and gas are set for 12 months. If customers are already electricity prepayment standing customers, then this will involve no standing charge fee. The terms of this service will differ slightly for prepayment gas customers, but they will benefit from Economy Energy’s new RTT service. More information about this service can be found by calling the Economy Energy Contact Number (for call connections) 024 76 019 239.

Direct saver tariff

This tariff is a fixed contract for 12 months. Payments are made monthly via Direct Debit. If customers wish to end their contract before the 12 month period, then they may be subject to a £25 cancellation fee.

Details of all of these tariffs can be found by calling the Economy Energy contact number.

Other services that the company provide is that of free information regarding saving on energy bills. Top tips include those such as swapping a bath for a shower and using a timer device to switch off lights and other household appliances, such as radiators when not un use. Therefore helping individuals to save money on energy consumption. With regards to heating costs, Economy Energy also suggest in investing in draught excluders to keep the heat in the room, therefore eliminating the need to turn the heating up. The company offer a helpline to anyone wishing to learn more about saving energy in the home or workplace. The Economy Energy Contact Number (for call connections) for this energy saving information is 024 77 767 296.

Information regarding all of the energy tariffs and how you can apply, can be found by accessing the Economy Energy contact number, 024 76 019 239. More contact details can be found over on their website

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