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Looking for the phone number for the eBay Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate eBay Contact Number will connect you directly to eBay Customer Services department.
0843 504 0334

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eBay customer services number

Starting off in the mid-1990’s as a relatively straightforward auction website, eBay has now grown to the point where their contact number is one of the most searched for of any on the web. eBay deal with thousands of transactions every day, there are countless reasons why one of their buyers or sellers may need to get in touch with their customer service team.

One of the more common issues dealt with by the eBay phone number team is the matter of complaints and refunds. Despite the businesses best efforts to make the procedure of buying an item from the site as easy as possible, there are always going to be issues – if only due tot he sheer scale of their operations. Although eBay offer various forms of recourse through their online support portals, most experts recommend that the quickest way to have a problem dealt with is to speak to a member of the eBay contact number team. eBay- staff should be able to provide a swift resolution.

With eBay now owning PayPal, the range of powers available to their customer service staff is stronger than ever. As long as your eBay purchase is going to be paid for using PayPal, they should be able to force a refund if your item was never subsequently dispatched to you. This is officially called the eBay Money Back Guarantee (and was previously known as eBay Buyer Protection). Such reasons are commonplace for people who ring the eBay contact number, with an entire section of their call centre now dedicated to exclusively to this.

While their online support portals regularly push users towards FAQ guides, the eBay contact number team are driven to make sure that their callers have their problems dealt with fast. Regardless of what your matter is, the eBay phone number should be able to offer assistance.

Frequently asked questions to the eBay customer service team

I'm a buyer and haven't received my item - what are the next steps I can take?

Firstly, as long as you have stayed within the eBay terms and conditions, you should be fine regardless of the outcome. The company have implemented various rules and measures to ensure that everyone who uses their website is treated fairly and is never ripped off.

If your item hasn’t arrived within the specified time-frame when you made your purchase, the first step is to prompt the seller by contacting them through eBay. From there, if they do not respond satisfactorily, the next step is to contact eBay customer services. This can be done either through calling the dedicated eBay contact number, or through their online support portals. However, the latter is likely to take a little longer to have your issues resolved – which is why we always recommend dialling.

If worst comes to worst, the eBay support team will be able to organise a refund for your item, and the seller will be punished in the form of bad feedback or even through being banned from using the site altogether.

The item I received is broken, faulty or different to how I expected - what can I do?

Whereas refunds are relatively straightforward due to the black and white nature of those cases, an item not living up to expectations can be a little different. The subjective nature of these matters means that the procedure can last slightly longer and may require further documentation.

In most cases, the eBay customer service staff are likely to side with the buyer. This is done in order to maintain consumer confidence, as well as encouraging eBay sellers to make sure that the things they sell are of the highest quality.

In most cases, the eBay phone number team will be able to listen to your matter, have you described what exactly your issues are with your purchase and compare them to the original item listing on the site. They may also ask for photographs to be emailed to the online contact agents for further assessment. The seller may also be contacted in order to find out their view on the matter.

Can the eBay customer service refund policies be abused?

Although the eBay contact team do their best to make sure that every user on the site is treated equally, there are always going to be some who attempt to use the procedures to meet their own ends. If the eBay customer service staff feel that this may be the case in any ongoing matter, they take the situation very seriously. The eBay contact number team have the right to open fraud proceedings against anyone who they feel is trying to benefit illegally from other users of the site. It is also believed to include legal recourse in some cases.

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