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Contact information for all Easyjet customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the Easyjet Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Easyjet Contact Number will connect you directly to Easyjet Customer Services department.
0843 504 0387

"A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal"

EasyJet customer service number

Being one of the largest travel companies in the UK, the fact that the EasyJet contact number has hundreds of people ringing every day can be of little surprise. The budget airline boom seems to show no sign of slowing down, and this growth in custom has similarly led to a rise in the amount of people who need to call the company. Despite a reputation to the contrary, the EasyJet customer service team are always willing and able to help out anyone who is using the company to fly. However, it is important to note that many of the additional services that come free with premium brand airlines may incur a charge.

EasyJet’s ethos has always been to cut as many costs as possible in order to pass these savings on to the customer in low air fares. Unfortunately, some people have noted that one of the main ways in which the business have shaved ¬†expenditures is through reducing the amount of support they offer to customers. For our research, we have not found this to be the case. Judging by social media, EasyJet customer service are always keen to provide a solution to any situation that you may find yourself dealing with

As well as dealing with bookings and cancellations, the EasyJet phone number also deal with a huge amount of calls to do with amendments to previously existing flight arrangements. Unfortunately, they do also receive a high amount of people ringing to lodge a complaint about the company. However, some people have noted that this is more to do with consumer expectation about what an EasyJet flight will entail. As the cost of air travel has risen, and personal finances stretched, people who previously flew with the likes of Emirates and British Airways find themselves having to go with a budget carrier. Unsurprisingly, this can sometimes lead to disgruntlement.

Like their main competitors Ryan Air, EasyJet have attempted to ease the burden on their helpline staff by moving some of their customer support infrastructures towards the web. This online support does have some merit, as it allows some of the more straightforward queries to be dealt with quickly and at no cost to the company. However, most observers have noted that for anything that is time-sensitive or requires an actionable change, the best course of action remains calling the EasyJet contact number. This way you can speak to a member of the EasyJet customer service team fast.

Common reasons why people call the EayJet contact number

I need to make a change to my EasyJet booking - how can I do this?

As the company deals with thousands of customers each day, there are always going to be times in which the person who has booked an EayJet flight needs to make an amendment. Currently, the quickest and easiest way to do this appears to be calling their dedicated EasyJet customer service number.

As well as dealing with amendments to flights, their staff are normally able to deal with cancellations of bookings and making special arrangements for people who have individual needs. These arrangements can include making plans for people with disabilities, allergies or dietary requirements – however, for some of the advantages it may be required than an extra sum be paid to the airline. The contact agent that you connect to will be able to advise on this.

EasyJet cancellations can vary wildly in the way that they get resolved. In most cases, the contact agent will be able to advise if cancelling your booking is available. If this is the case, the amount will be deducted from your refund as a result of you no longer needing to use the company to fly.

How can I make a complaint about EasyJet?

As a company who have a reputation for occasionally upsetting customers due to their codes of procedures and cost-cutting practices, EasyJet have been forced to have a dedicated complaints team for quite some time. Unfortunately for customers, their terms and conditions are incredibly tight on what they can do for a client who is upset with the business.

In most situations, it appears to be the case that EasyJet will only judge that the customer was right to complain if they airline was breaking rules or regulations. Their model seems to be that, regardless of how upset a consumer is, they will fly with EasyJet again in the future due to the low prices they can offer.

If you feel that you need to lodge a complaint, it is best to have as much evidence as possible before you make your call. It is likely that the EasyJet contact number staff will ask you for further documentation in order to support your claim. However, if you feel that you are unfairly treated by the company, you can request that your issue be passed on to an independent review body or industry ombudsman for adjudication.

Can I book flights using the EasyJet contact number?

EasyJet’s preferred method for people booking flights with the company is for consumers to use their official website. The company prefers this method because purchases made through their site require no human interaction from their customer service staff – and thus, get completed without any further cost to EasyJet.

However, bookings can be made through the EasyJet contact number – but there are certain things that have been put in place in order to try and ward customers off using this method. The main one appears to be that bookings made using the customer service helpline are subject to an additional cost compared to the price quoted on their website.

However, there are some advantages to booking over the telephone. The main one is that EasyJet’s customer service agents are well trained in each of the destinations that they cover, and can provide tailored advice on how the flight can fit into your travel plans.

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