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EA Sports is one of the most popular, acclaimed, respected and well-known game companies in the World. Its main headquarter is based in Redwood City, California. It was founded in the distant 1982 by the successful entrepreneur Trip Hawkins. Moreover, it has other headquarters and commercial branches in Burnaby, Vancouver and Orlando.

Calling the EA Sports contact number

EA Sports is mainly known as a Game Studio. For those people who want to know more details about it, it’s essential to dial the EA Sports contact number. This huge corporation develops and distributes many video games for different platforms in all the World. It’s well-known for games based on different sports such as Football, Basket, Golf and so on. People can easily dial the EA Sports contact number to have more details.

Surely, the most popular product created and distributed by this company is the game FIFA. It’s the most realistic simulator about Football available on the market. It’s available for various platforms such as PC, Xbox and Playstation. Other mentionable games are NBA Live and Madden NFL.

Reasons why people need support from EA Sports customer service

All the games created and distributed by EA Sports are strongly appreciated for their high levels of accuracy and realism. Due to this reason, players really enjoy them. For example, FIFA has many strong supporters in various parts of the World.

EA Sports also distributes games based on other sports such as Nascar, Hockey, martial arts, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Boxing and Tennis. These products are quite popular because they are enjoyable and have different levels of difficulty. Furthermore they are released in new and updated versions every year. In order to know more, people can consider the EA Sports contact number.

Phoning the EA Sports telephone number

EA Sports is a huge corporation and has many employees specialized in different disciplines. In fact, its main goal is to produce realistic simulations, where there is a huge attention for every small detail. Surely, this is the main reason of its success and reputation all over the World. Furthermore, a lot of acclaimed journalists assigned different awards and prizes to this company. This fact strongly increased its popularity.

This company is a guarantee of huge professionalism and reliability. This is a trusty business for various reasons. It has an excellent internal organization and huge attention for corporate goals. It has a transparent relationship with its customers. Its customer service is quite effective, quick and interested in solving all the problems.

There are various ways to be in touch with EA Sports. For example, customers can fill the appropriate online form to send their enquiries. Another option is to consider the EA Sports contact number.Consequently, people can be easily in touch with professional customer representatives. Its telephone customer service has high standards of satisfaction and professionalism and is available 24h.

Other reasons why people dial the EA Sports phone number

If this company has this huge success and popularity, it isn’t a coincidence. This is a result of a long, hard and complex daily work, where many people join their forces to guarantee the results. EA Sports is a true tech giant in the IT sector.

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