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Looking for the phone number for the Diamond Insurance customer services team & other departments such as complaints, claims and quotes? The Dial2Donate Diamond Insurance contact Number will connect you directly to Diamond Insurance customer care team.
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Diamond Insurance Customer service number (for call connections)

Are you aware that Diamond Insurance was originally established to provide cover for women only? However, recent Eu legislation has meant that Diamond Insurance is now legally obliged to provide cover for both men and women – something that has vastly increased the amount of calls to the Diamond Insurance contact number. Now their customer services teams focus on providing cheaper car insurance for everyone, and their quotes remain some of the most competitive on the market.

Some existing customers have complained that their premiums have gone up since this change in the law. Indeed, this is something which also affected Sheila’s Wheels customers. However, the Diamond Insurance Customer service number (for call connections) staff have reportedly been great in dealing with these problems, and their insurance rates remain among the lowest in the market.

Calling the Diamond Insurance contact number

As one of the fastest growing providers of car insurance in the UK, the Diamond Insurance Call Connection Phone Number is in constant demand from their customers for a number of reasons. Thankfully, the business has evolved to a point at which their British call centres can manage almost any kind of query.

Currently, the Diamond Insurance customer service team mainly deals with calls from people looking to take out new quotes with the company, or needing to claim on their insurance. They also have a high volume of callers who are looking to make a complaint about their cover. However, official figures on the amount of people phoning remain largely under wraps.

Unlike their major rivals, Diamond Insurance have not tried to embrace the online portals of customer service. Thankfully getting in touch with them in order to log an issue is something that still largely needs to be via phone. While they do accept e-mail correspondence for most matters, the Diamond Insurance Contact Number (for call connections) remains the quickest and easiest way to have a problem dealt with, fast.

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