DHL Contact Number

DHL Contact Number
Contact information for all DHL customer enquiries.
Looking for the phone number for the DHL Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate DHL Contact Number will connect you directly to DHL Customer Services department.
0843 504 0392

”A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal”

DHL customer service number

The DHL contact number is always going to be in constant demand from clients who need to log a query with the organisation, as the company deals with packages for thousands of individuals and businesses every day. As one of the foremost courier services in the UK, DHL customer services have to deal with hundreds of calls every hour from people who are experiencing an  issue that needs resolving. The majority of these are just straightforward questions, but their helpline staff are also able to tackle more difficult problems.

As one of the largest brands in the delivery market, the DHL customer service staff have high standards to reach. Judging by the feedback on social media, they appear to do so the vast majority of the time. However, as with any business who have hundreds of thousands of customers each year, there are always going to be a small percentage of people who experience some form of issue that leaves them upset.

The range of different problems that may get experienced by someone who has used DHL means that their call centre divides into highly specialised teams. These teams can expertly respond based on the unique circumstances experienced by their users. In general, matters can be resolved immediately over the phone. You should discuss anything that needs further investigation during the conversation.

As the likes of DPD and Yodel have attempted to move their consumer support towards the web, DHL have followed suit. The advantages for the company in giving customer service over the internet are clear – it potentially reduces the amount of contact agents that they need to employ, thus saving them money in the long run.

However, most industry commentators seem to agree that this is a relatively short-term fix, which provides little upside for the end consumer. Calling the DHL contact number remains the main way in which most people deal with the company for a number of reasons. These include the long turnaround times of e-mail correspondence, the ineffectiveness of FAQ guides and a supposed lack of consumer confidence in live chat assistance 

Common reasons why people call the DHL contact number

I need to make a complaint about DHL or a DHL employee - what can I do?

Most companies seem to prefer that people log issues about the company using online support portals. This is a strategy that been introduced across multiple industries due to the fact that it – in theory – allows for consumers to vent their feelings. The hope is that they may have calmed down by the time that a customer service agent gets in touch. This situation simply results in further ire for the client – especially if the problem is time sensitive.

Although DHL do allow complaints emblems to be lodged using their online portal, it is for the above reasons that we recommend that any complaints go through the Yodel customer service helpline. Calling should allow for a member of their contact team to immediately attempt to intervene on the issue, and hopefully provide a resolution that is suitable for each party.

If you feel that your complaint about DHL or a DHL employee is not being taken seriously by the company, there are further actions you can take. You can escalate any complaint to an industry ombudsman, and the DHL contact number staff are legally obliged to inform you how you can do this and what documentation that you may need to provide.

How can I send a parcel through DHL?

In recent times, the DHL website has become the main ay in which people send items through the company. However, there are always going to be circumstances in which a client is unable or unwilling to use an online platform in order to dispatch an item. As such, the DHL phone number still retains such a strong sales team.

The DHL customer service team can deal with every type of delivery product that the company offer, as well as being able to offer information uniquely tailored to your individual needs. This information includes assistance with logistics, DHL Express and international mail.

You can process payments over the phone, and organisation of collection will also be dealt with instantaneously. From there, DHL parcel tracking can also be dealt with through their central phone number, so you can see what part of the process that your package has reached.

DHL has lost or damaged my parcel -- can their customer service team help me?

Although they deal with thousands of happy customers each day, there are always going to be points at which the DHL system doesn’t live up to the high standards expected of it. If you have used the DHL tracking service and found that your parcel is now missing or have received the package in a damaged state, there are steps that you can take.

In the case of a missing parcel, the DHL helpline team should be able to launch an immediate investigation to go about finding out its whereabouts. This investigation may take additional time and should usually involve a member of the contact staff ringing you back for updates on the situation.

If your parcel gets damaged or their staff are ultimately unable to locate your item, there are further actions that can be taken. These are, of course, subject to the terms and conditions agreed to when the parcel was handed over to the company. However, in most cases the DHL contact number should be able to arrange financial compensation based on your unique circumstance.

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