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0843 504 0350

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CSA helpline number

The Child Service Agency – or CSA, are here to assist with families who are experiencing difficulty in their relationship and have sadly had to break up the family unit. The aims of the CSA is the find a timely and agreeable solution for these families in order to maintain the financial upbringing of their child. Going through a break-up or separation is difficult enough at any time, but if a child has a part in the situation it is even more difficult. The CSA are in place to find an amicable solution that will allow families to move forward in a constructive manner. If you are in this situation, it is essential that at least one member of the family unit picks up the phone and makes the call to the CSA contact number listed on this page.

The main job of the Child Support Agency (CSA) is to negotiate and arrange a schedule of payments. Child support between both the mother and father must be established to ensure that their child is taken care of in a financially fair manner. The chances are that one parent may not have contact with said child anymore, but still has a duty of care to provide financial assistance. Frugal issues are something that the customer service team within the CSA can assist with over the phone. In order to ensure optimum customer service in this situation, it is highly advised that you use the CSA contact number listed here.

Common reasons why people call the CSA contact number

Do both parties have to agree to any initial decision?

Every families situation is going to be unique and it is going to be difficult to come to terms on a perfect arrangement immediately. This is why the CSA exist, they are here as the intermediary between both parties and aim to sort out whatever issues they need in order to reach an amicable decision. When a proposal is made by one party, the CSA could present it to the other and have it rejected. A period of consultation can then be entered in order to ensure that the final decision made will be fair on all parties. If you feel that you may be heading towards a dispute then you can contact the customer service team on the phone at the CSA contact number listed on this page.

How long does it take for the CSA to make its arrangement decision?

Despite the fact that there may be a number of discussions between all the parties involved in this situation, a decision by the CSA can normally be reached within six weeks. This of course depends on the full and complete co-operation of both parties involved in the claim. It is appreciated that arranging child maintenance can be a very difficult and emotional situation and sometimes the information provided by certain people can be erroneous. It is essential that you provide the correct details so that the claim can move forward correctly. To ensure that your claim is dealt with in a timely fashion, you should pick up the phone for the most rapid response and call the team on the CSA contact number listed here on this page.

What happens if I fall behind on my CSA payments?

Falling behind with your payments – much like with any form of credit you may hold is not an ideal situation. If you have missed a statutory agreed payment then the CSA team will contact you directly in order to uncover why you have failed to make this payment within the allotted time frame. They will also also warn you what the consequences are of missing this or any future payments.

From there the CSA team can take a number of steps that are available to them in order to enforce the payment. Powers they have include taking money directly from your income, bank accounts or having the authority to seize assets or property in order to bring your account in order. The government recently introduced enforcement charges for paying parents using the CSA scheme and these charges can be added to any debt that you owe.

If you feel that you may be in financial difficulty or you are going to struggle with your payments then it is advised that you call the CSA contact number immediately and inform them of your situation in order to arrange an alternative payment scheme. Call the telephone number listed here for more information.

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