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Looking for the phone number for the Congestion Charge? Pay the charge, enquire about a PCN, find out about discounts and more by calling the Congestion Charge contact number on 0843 504 0113.
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Congestion Charge contact number

The UK Congestion Charge is a fee charged to most motor vehicles who travel through a specified area of central London on weekdays between 7am and 6pm. The Congestion Charge is an effective way to ensure that people who use congested and important road space make a financial contribution to do so.

There are no physical toll booths or barriers in place, instead a camera will read your number plate and recognise whether or not you need to pay the charge. These cameras may read your number plate upon entering, leaving and driving around the Congestion Charge Zone.  If you are required to pay the charge, you will receive a penalty charge notice informing you of this.

Once the congestion charge is paid, you are free to travel in and out of the zone for one day as you choose. You are able to pay the charge by calling the Congestion Charge contact number. Not all vehicles are required to pay the charge. Exempt vehicles include two-wheeled motorbikes, emergency service vehicles, vehicles used by a disabled person and licensed taxis. If you live in or near to the zone you may be eligible for a 90% discount.

Reasons to call the Congestion Charge contact number

There are numerous reasons why you may need to call the Congestion Charge contact number. You may be enquiring about the cost of the charge – you can find this information immediately by calling the number listed on this page. Maybe you wish to see if you are eligible for a discount – vehicles with low emissions may well qualify for a 100% discount.

Perhaps you wish to enquire about business registration. Businesses are able to register a fleet of ten or more vehicles, dropping the cost of the charge for each driver per day. You can also pay the charge by calling the Congestion Charge contact number. You have the choice whether to pay beforehand or on the day you travel. If you don’t pay by midnight after travelling, you will be issued with a penalty charge notice. To challenge any PCNs, call the Congestion Charge contact number.

It is also possible to set up Congestion Charge Auto Pay, eradicating the risk of missing a payment deadline. For more information about auto pay or any other issues surrounding the UK Congestion Charge, dial the Congestion Charge Contact Number (for call connections) today.

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