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BT Contact Number
Contact information for all BT customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the BT Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate BT Contact Number will connect you directly to British GasT Customer Services department.
0843 504 0346

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BT customer service number

BT one of the UK’s largest landline phone providers and internet companies (among many other things). So, the BT contact number is among the most dialled of any in the country, which is unsurprisingly inevitable. Having millions of customers who are signed up for different products and services means that their British based call centres are among the most diverse around.

The landline phone business has been on the decline for many years. An increasing amount of people are swiftly switching to exclusively using their mobiles to make calls. So, BT now sees itself as a competitor to the likes of Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk. BT has also adopted many of the consumer support strategies of their rivals in the broadband and home television markets, with an increasing slant towards e-mail correspondence and live chat through their website.

Despite this slight change in priorities, the BT phone number remains the first port of call for most people who have a customer service queries. BT’s Helpline team can make accurate assessments based on your unique circumstance and potentially provide an immediate resolution to your matter. Regardless of whether you are experiencing problems with your billing and payments, technical faults, complaints and general enquiries.

Given the expansive amount of questions that their customer service staff have to deal with daily, it is somewhat of a surprise that they frequently manage to get high scores on independent consumer reviews websites. According to various reports, the BT contact number is among the best for offering support to their subscribers – something that has become one of their main selling points in recent times.

Common reasons why people call the BT contact number

I need to speak about BT Broadband - can their customer service team help?

As well as dealing with complaints and queries from individuals, the BT contact number is also able to help out anyone who uses the organisation for their own company. While the payments rates and terms are wildly different depending on the size of the business, the products offered through BT business are largely the same as their public-facing arm.

Like with most of their sub-sections, the BT business contact number team is a unique aspect of the companies call centres. Largely based in the UK, they are specifically trained in each unique aspect of this particular branch of the company’s output and should be able to offer assistance regardless of your query.

Unlike the services that they offer to the general public, the BT Business customer service is still largely restricted to speaking to contact agents over the phone. Although there is an online portal that can be used, thee highly specific nature of the services that british Telecom offer to each company means that it would be next to impossible to accurately provide support using the web.

I need help with my BT broadband

One of the ways in which BT have managed to stay as one of the most important brands in the UK is through their aggressive diversification. While some of these have had good success – the move towards being a television provider and the expansion into BT Sports being one example of this – one area where they have had enormous gains is the move to being an ISP (internet service provider).

According to various metrics, BT Broadband is the most popular form of internet connection in Britain. Some people have pointed out that this has a lot to do with the fact that the company still holds and enormous amount of cache due to their previously nationalised state, and this trust has transferred over to their internet services.

As it is now the company’s main source of income, the BT Broadband contract number team is one of the most prominent aspects of their call centres. As well as being able to sign up new members and cancel accounts, they also deal with technical faults and complaints – two of the main reasons why people dial the business.

How can I make a complaint about BT?

Holding millions of different accounts with subscribers across the UK, it is a inevitable that there are always goiung to be circumstances in which people have issue with BT. As they are one of the longest standing enterprises in the UK telecoms and internet industries, the company have complaints procedures that are clear and concise.

BT have joined their competitors in making sure that there are avenues available for contacting them online, and this is also true of logging a complaint. However, in circumstances where an issue is time-sensitive or requires urgent assistance, this method is largely unfeasible. Some critics have noted that online contact forms are simply a way for companies to allow their consumers to vent anger and hopefully forget about the matter – while in the vast majority of cases, the inaction can lead to further irritation.

The quickest way to have any problem resolved is to speak to a member of the BT phone number team directly about a complaint. The support team will be able to either offer a resolution immediately, or can provide information about what further steps may need to be taken in order to close the matter. In some cases, this may require that the issue be escalated to an industry ombudsman for independent adjudication.

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