British Airways Contact Number

British Airways Contact Number
Contact information for all British Airways customer enquiries
Looking for the phone number for the British Airways Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate British Airways Contact Number will connect you directly to British Airways Customer Services department.
0843 504 0520

”A large percentage of the call cost will be donated to a local appeal”

British Airways customer service number

As arguably the biggest airline in the country, the fact that thousands of people need to get in touch with the British Airways contact number each day is always going to be an inevitability. Thankfully, as one of the oldest travel companies of anywhere in the world, they have more than ample customer support in order to deal with the amount of people dialling.

Although the trends in the travel industry have been towards budget carriers and cutting prices, British Airways have always focused on putting their clients first. This emphasis on customer service over rock-bottom costs has meant that the business has retained a healthy market share where some of their competitors have struggled in this tough economic climate.

According to various independent consumer review websites, the British Airways phone number is one of the best in the industry in terms of the level of support that they provide to their customers. Their UK based call centres have various different teams, each specialised in a unique area of the business. Whether someone wants to make an order, to place a new booking, amend an existing booking or simply needs to make special arrangements for their travel, a member of staff should be able to help.

One of the common customer service trends over recent times is a transition towards support being made available online. Although this isn’t yet fully integrate by British Airways, the company have made various aspects of their support available using their official website. However, these are largely the most automated aspects of their business, such as booking and flight tracking – anything that requires immediate intervention is often advised to be directed to the British Airways contact number for assistance.

Common reasons why people call the British Airways contact number

I need to make an amendment to my British Airways booking - how can I do this?

As an understanding company, British Airways are aware that people’s circumstance may change once they’ve made a booking. Whereas the likes of EasyJet and Ryan Air are known for making it difficult for their customers to make alterations, it is widely acknowledged that British Airways will do all they can to make sure that you are accommodated.

The best way to make any changes to a booking is to do so through the British Airways phone number. This way, a member of their support team can give tailored advice around your circumstance, as well as advising on any additional charges that you may incur.

In the event that you need to cancel your booking, a member of the British Airways team will be able to make sure that everything is done as swiftly as possible. They may also be able to arrange for a refund. If this is subject to a deduction, the British Airways customer service staff will also be able to inform you about how much this would be, and how long it may be before you receive the money.

How can I make a complaint about British Airways or a British Airways employee?

In order to make the process as open and as easy as possible for anyone who needs to log an issue, British Airways accept complaints through a variety of means. As well as the most traditional of methods – through the post – they also accept problems being raised over e-mail.

One of the main drawbacks of each of these methods is the fact that there can be a lengthy turnaround in having a matter dealt with. If your complaint is time sensitive or in any way urgent, the only realistic method to have the issue resolved quickly is to do so by calling the British Airways contact number.

If you feel that the BA team are not taking your complaint seriously enough or they have been unable to offer a satisfactory resolution, there is always the option of escalating the matter further. The British Airways contact number staff are legally obliged to inform you of how you can pass the issue on to an industry ombudsman, who will independently adjudicate on the matter.

I require that special arrangements be made for my flight - can the British Airways customer service team help?

Having built their brand on giving great customer service, British Airways is widely recognised as being one of the most accommodating airlines in the world. Regardless of what your requirements are, it is likely that they will do their best to make sure that your requests are listened to.

The most common type of request is to do with dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and vegan meals or for severe peanut allergies. They can also make sure that disabled customers access the proper facilities – and this can all be organised through a call to the British Airways contact number.

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