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Amigo Loans phone number

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Amigo Loans customer service number

With the payday loans industry booming for a variety of different reasons, the Amigo Loans contact number is now believed to be one of the most searched for of any company in the UK. A growing amount of people are unable to make ends meet – which is where businesses like Amigo come in, offering relatively short-term funds in exchange for relatively huge interest rates. While some have argued that the companies amount to little more than being legal loan sharks, there is certainly a huge demand for the services that these companies offer.

Although they may not quite have the same customer base as their larger competitors Wonga and QuickQuid, the Amigo Loans customer service team arguably deal with a different type of consumer altogether. Whereas most payday loans companies offer funds that must get repaid over the course of anywhere up to a month, Amigo does not look at your credit rating when considering an application. Instead, they simply require that you have a guarantor who will vouch for you being able to repay the money. Payments are then made over a period of a minimum of a year – though still at much higher rates than a standard loan.

Common reasons why people call the Amigo Loans contact number

Most helplines for financial companies come across the same issues from the people calling them. With the Amigo Loans phone number, it appears that most people are dialling to apply for a loan, to make repayments or to try and restructure the terms of their deal. They also can make arrangements for those who are unable to make their scheduled repayments, or need to make a complaint about the company. Along with general enquiries, these seem to be the main things that prompt people to call the Amigo Loans phone number.

As a new company who are based entirely online, it is no surprise that the Amigo Loans customer service number has been supplemented somewhat by an extensive online support portal. These policies allow the organisation to lower the costs spent on UK call centre staff while also allowing for a wider range of ways for consumers to get in touch. Most people agree that live chat, e-mail correspondence and FAQ guides are incredibly handy. However, it is still recommended that any pressing issue should get passed on to a member of the staff who man the Amigo Loans contact number.

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