Addison Lee Contact Number

Addison Lee Contact Number
Contact Information for all Addison Lee customer enquiries.
Looking for the phone number for the Addison Lee Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate Addison Lee Contact Number will connect you directly to Addison Lee Customer Services department.
0843 504 0326

"A large percentage of the call costs will be donated to a local appeal"

Addison Lee customer service number

Being one of the most prominent taxi companies in London, the Addison Lee contact number is one of the most phoned of any travel company in the capital. Founded to rival the black cab companies that dominate much of the city’s travel, Addison Lee has grown to the be the main private hire business in the area. As well as having contracts with thousands of individuals, the company also have deals with many of the largest companies in the capital. The Staff at the Addison Lee customer service number can deal with queries for both categories of consumer.

The main reason that people call the Addison Lee phone number is, of course, to book a taxi with the company. With around 4,000 drivers, taxis and coaches, the business can quickly respond to any request for a ride. There is also a variety of people who call to ask a general enquiry, or in order to make a complaint.

The Addison Lee contact number was reportedly inundated with people expressing their disgust following recent claims by someone high up in the business implying that colliding with cyclists was inevitable and unavoidable. However, the majority of issues raised are believed to be to do with billing and payments due, rather than to raise moral or ethical problems.

Common reasons why people call the Addison Lee contact number

Why should I use Addison Lee taxi hire?

One of the main reasons that people call Addison Lee customer services is in order to see what advantages they can get from using the company and signing up for an account. Many believe that their main selling point is the fact that they are around 20% cheaper than black cabs, and that companies can sign up to an ongoing account. This service offers employees to travel across the city with little to no bother.

I need to book an Addison Lee taxi - how can I do this?

As with all taxi companies, Addison Lee have been quick to try and capitalise on the new opportunities offered by mobile phones – with their app being a main point of contact now. This change was implemented in order to stay competitive with the likes of Hailo and Uber, who have both quickly begun to grow their market share in the cab industry.

However, a significant proportion of Addison Lee bookings are still done through their contact number. Their customer service agents can dispatch a cab immediately to you location once you have called the Addison Lee phone number.

I need to make a complaint about Addison Lee - how can I do this?

Unlike most companies, Addison Lee still prefers to receive any complaint through their customer service helpline. This preference is mainly because it allows the company to deal with the issue immediately and take steps towards retaining the customer.

If you feel that your issue has not been dealt with effectively, there is the option of escalating the issue to an industry ombudsman. The call centre staff who man the Addison Lee contact number will be able to offer further advice about this.

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