AA Contact Number

AA Contact Number
Contact Information for all AA Customer Enquiries.
Looking for the phone number for the AA Customer services team & other departments such as complaints? The Dial2Donate AA Contact Number will connect you directly to AA Customer Services department.
0843 504 0325

"A large percentage of the call costs will be donated to a local appeal"

AA customer service number

As the UK’s largest accident and recovery breakdown company, the AA contact number is in constant demand from people who are in emergency situations. However, this is far from the only reason for people calling the AA phone number.

With call centres across the UK, the AA customer service team is divided into a number of different sub-sections that are capable of dealing with almost any query sent their way. One of the main reasons for dialling is people looking to take out new forms of cover or additional policies with the company. Furthermore, the staff at the AA contact number are apparently under the highest demand during the cold winter months when cars are more likely to break down.

Like their main rivals RAC and Green Flag, AA customer service has slowly been migrated towards their website in recent times. While some people much prefer the functionality of the live chat consumer support option and the flexibility provided by e-mailing the company, most experts agree that this is largely an inefficient way of having a matter resolved. In most cases, it is still recommended that a call to the AA customer service number will be the quickest way to have your query addressed as quickly as possible.

Over recent years, the amount of complaints that the AA contact number team have to deal with has apparently been on the increase. Some suggest that a lot of this growth in consumer dissatisfaction is to do with the billing methods being implemented across the board by the company. Unsurprisingly, rising prices are deemed to be one of the key reasons why people are upset. If you fall into this bracket, a call to the AA phone number should be able to resolve the issue almost immediately.

Common reasons why people call the AA contact number

How can I cancel my AA membership?

Most initial AA memberships are heavily discounted on the provision that users sign up to a 12 monthly contract with the company, with fees automatically withdrawn at the end of each contracted year. Most users find issue with the fact that they have received a bill that can often by double what they initially paid for exactly the same amount of cover they previously held.

While it is possible to end an AA membership over the internet and through the post, this is far from the most efficient way of doing things. The slow turnaround of these methods can sometimes mean that funds get withdrawn before a member of staff has even had the opportunity to look at the e-mail requesting cancellation.

By far the quickest and most effective method to ensure that you do not get billed for an unwanted membership is to call the AA contact number. This way a member of their staff can immediately end the service over the phone.

Can I join the AA if I am already broken down?

The AA can offer breakdown assistance for anyone, regardless of whether they are a pre-existing member or not. However, anyone who needs to join up on the spot will be forced to pay full membership price and an additional premium in order to receive assistance. In addition, they will not be eligible to receive all of the benefits of membership immediately.

These restrictions are in place to make sure that people who have taken out AA membership as a precaution are rewarded in some way – and to encourage consumers to keep their memberships ongoing.

I need to make a complaint about the AA or an AA employee - what do I do?

The easiest way to have a matter dealt with quickly and effectively is to call the AA customer service number and request to make a complaint. Their call centre staff are trained to deal with people dialling specifically for this matter, and there are clear procedures and steps that can be taken depending on your unique situation.

In some cases, further documentation may be requested through the post. However, the AA contact number team will be able to advise on this, and will be able to make sure that the traditional mail staff are ready and waiting for this correspondence.

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Address Details:
United Kingdom, Hampshire
Phone: 0843 504 0325
Fax: 0125 649 2799
Website: www.theaa.com/
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Lines Open 24hrs 7 Days Per Week

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