123 Reg Contact Number

123 Reg Contact Number
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Looking for the phone number for the 123 Reg customer service team & other departments such as 123 Reg complaints? The Dial2Donate 123 Reg number will connect you directly to the customer service department.

123 Reg phone number

1 pence per minute of your call will be donated to a local charity at no extra cost to you, simply by using this Dial2Donate number. Calls will cost 5 pence per minute from a BT landline, but may vary depending on your service provider.

123 Reg customer services number

Despite being largely unknown to large sections of the general public, the 123 Reg contact number is one of the most phoned helplines in the country. Consequently, the company has quietly become one of the most important companies on the internet. 123 Reg provides hosting and domain names for companies of all sizes, at prices that are often much lower than their rivals GoDaddy.

The 123 Reg customer service number has reportedly been inundated with people needing to speak to their contact team in order to raise an issue. The deluge in callers could well be due to the recent boom in the amount of domain names and hosting types out there.

Queries to the contact team come in the form of various questions about website availability and pricing structures – both of which their UK based call centre teams can answer easily. In fact, the support offered by the 123 Reg phone number team is among the many reasons that people choose to get their websites through the business rather than through one of their competitors.

Why people call the 123 Reg contact number?

The main reason that most people call the 123 Reg customer service number is believed to be due to technical faults and issues with the products that the company provide. While the company have offered a gateway for the general public to own and maintain their own websites, the technical nature of the internet hosting means that some people are always going to come across some issues. While they are also on social media, these are infrequently used by the company – with them preferring to speak to customers directly, rather than through Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.

As a web based company, 123 Reg customer support has been largely based on online support portals since its inception. Increasingly, people are weary of e-mailing companies or submitting their details through contact forms because matters can become lost or forgotten using these platforms. Some consumers have also raised issues with the live chat function offer by 123 Reg customer service, with conversations sometimes being cut-off before a matter has been resolved. It is for this reason that we always suggest calling the 123 Reg phone number if you have any issue.

Common questions asked of the 123 phone number team

How can I cancel a service with 123 Reg?

You can cancel most services with 123 Reg through the company’s website. As long as you are logged in to the relevant account, you should be able to select whichever service you would like to close and follow the process. You may get asked reasons for the cancellation, and you should be provided with a confirmation e-mail once your have finished the process.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the 123 Reg customer service team by calling their phone number. Many believe they are authorised to offer discounted rates in order to keep services open, as well as providing advice on how you can alter your products to suit your needs better. They are also able to close accounts and individual services.

How can I make a complaint against 123 Reg?

123 Reg can manage complaints using their online portals, and the company do encourage people to use this method. However, many consumers have noted that their issues have not been dealt with when they have attempted to get in touch with the company using the contact us forms on their website. This matter is not exclusive to 123 Reg consumer support.

If you have a complaint that needs to be dealt with immediately, the only way to guarantee that your issue gets addressed straightaway is to call the 123 Reg phone number. This way you can have a member of their contact staff deal with it, fast.

I need 123 Reg technical support - what can I do?

Although the 123 Reg live chat can offer technical support for domain and website hosting, the level of customer service using this method is often wildly inconsistent. These inconsistencies are illustrated by the variation in customer feedback on independent reviews sites from people who have attempted to have a matter resolved using live chat.

The 123 Reg contact number has a dedicated section of their call centre that is specifically for technical support. However, it is advised that during peak times there may be a wait to get connected through to a contact agent.

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