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The Charity Hub is a place for charities to exchange ideas, learn new tips and refine their online fundraising tactics. We interview industry insiders to get their expertise, as well as putting together actionable guides so that you can make the most of your online presence. If you’d like to get involved, e-mail us at

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Our aim is to make sure that The Charity Hub is constantly being updated with the latest information on every aspect of the third sector – below you can find our latest pieces, and you can filter our articles depending on what aspect of the industry you’re looking for information on. As well as tips on social media strategies and website content ideas, there are details on how to make the best out of your collaborations with both private and nonprofit organisations as well as guides on how to accurately advertise in this ever-changing media landscape.

Our scope is ever-expanding, and if there’s anything that you’d love to know more about, we’d love to know.

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