Charity Hub Guides & Tips

Through our quick tips and in-depth guides, the Charity Hub provides actionable plans and information that can help you fine-tune aspects of your online campaigns as well as in-depth details about aspects of the web that can help people of any skill level.

Is your charity making the most of video on Facebook?

You may be surprised to hear that Facebook videos actually have a greater organic reach than articles or other media forms within the same newsfeed. Instant and easy engagement, means that a Facebook video has the ability to reach an intended audience without the need for viewers to work for the info they require.

The top 5 charity twitter campaigns

Social media can prove to be an invaluable tool for charities and not-for-profits, thanks to the vast network of potential supporters these organisations can gain access to. Twitter is a particularly powerful tool, and garnering people power and creating the next #nomakeupselfie is, ultimately, the dream for many charities. However, it’s not just viral phenomena that can greatly benefit your organisation. Take a look at our pick of five charity Twitter campaigns from recent months.

The top 5 charity apps

We all like to think we’re charitable people, but many of us find excuses not to give to our favourite causes, often simply because we think we don’t have the time. Smartphone apps offer quick and easy ways to donate to charity – some of them don’t even require dipping into our own pockets. Take a look at our handy guide to the top charity mobile apps available to download today.

A guide to claiming Gift Aid

Although it is widely known across the UK, Gift Aid is still a hugely undervalued scheme – with donations to the tune of £700 million being missed by not-for-profits each year. Is your organisation making the most of this system? Find out with our in depth guide.

5% VAT and CCL exemptions for charities – could you be due a rebate?

One of the schemes less well known among charities is the fact that they should be charged a lower rate of VAT on their utilities bills. If your organisation has been paying the higher rate or the Carbon Charge Levy (CCL), find out how you can claim it back with our handy guide.

A guide to using Hootsuite

Struggling to find the time during the day where you can get your social media updates sorted? Hootsuite takes that stress away from you – allowing you to schedule tweets and free up your time to concentrate on other matters. Our walkthrough will tell you exactly how you can sign up and use the platform.

A simple guide to Social Media for Charities

Looking to start up on social media for your charity but unsure about what platforms are out there and what they do? this simple guide shows you the most popular forms of social network, tells you how they work and gives stats on where charities are spending their time on these kind of sites.

5 quick tips to maximise your charity’s online presence

Web presence for a charity is more important than ever before – but a lot of nonprofits aren’t making the most of their website and social media. Here, we give you a 5 point checklist to make sure that your charity is making the most of the time and effort spent on the web – with tips on how to properly tweak things to engage properly with your supporters.

A Guide To Google For Non Profits

Making your charity ready to face the challenges of the new digital world can be tricky – especially if you’re unaware of the tools available to help you meet the demands of this new landscape. Establishing a strong online presence is hard, but signing up for Google for nonprofits can make getting your appeals out to the right people a whole lot easier.

5 quick tips to help boost your charity newsletter

An email newsletter is one of the oldest ways of speaking to your supports on the web – but it remains one of the most effective. If you’re unsure how to make the most of your mail-out or need tips on how you can best energise your subscribers, our 5 quicks tips will point you in the right direction.