Interview with Janet Alexandersson from Campaigneurs

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What is Campaigneurs?

  • A platform that allows charities and nonprofits to find people to collaborate with, launching January 2015
  • Campaigneurs allows for equal partnerships between nonprofit organisations and private businesses
  • Matches are made according to a number of different metrics, including needs, values, location and capabilities

Who is Janet Alexandersson?

  • Founder of Campaigneurs
  • A professional lawyer in her native Sweden
  • Janet has worked first hand with international nonprofits on development, and created the platform as a means to allow for tangible results in work between the private and third sectors

What can I learn?

  • New ways in which organisations can help each other out – for mutual benefit
  • The importance of not underestimating the power of your organisation
  • The value of thinking long-term
  • To stop asking for favours and start asking for collaborations

Would you like to introduce yourself, and what it is that Campaigneurs do for anyone who is unaware of your work?

Campaigneurs is a matchmaking platform for nonprofits and businesses looking to find partners for collaborations. Think of us as the for corporate partnerships. [Our founder’s]¬†name is Janet Alexandersson, I’m a Swedish Lawyer and founder of Campaigneurs.

A lot of your organisation seems to be based around the differences between the private and the non-profit worlds. What have you found are the main difficulties integrating the two?

The main difficulty has been the difference in perspective when it comes to partnerships. Many Nonprofits feel that they are asking the businesses to do them a favor, to simply give to them. And most businesses see corporate sponsorships as corporate giving.

Our main mission is to support nonprofits in being equal partners in the collaboration with businesses. Nonprofits offer something that businesses cannot achieve without them. That is purpose, values and community involvement. In turn we encourage businesses to measure the return on their social investments and discover that by “giving” they get tangible results in return.

Think of us as the for corporate partnerships.

And how does Campaigneurs help to bridge the gap between the two? What are the services that you are going to provide to help the two sectors?

We help nonprofits and businesses find the right partners. We match them according to values, interests, needs, contributions capabilities, geographic location and much more. By finding the perfect match we believe the collaboration will sustainable in the long-term and provide both sides with great benefits.

What was the reason for Campaigneurs starting? Was there anything in particular that inspired the decision to begin?

Janet, the founder, has been active as a development professional in the nonprofit sector both in North America and Europe and she knows the time and resources that goes into finding good partnership among dependable businesses. She has also worked on the businesses side an understands the struggle for tangible results. This knowledge collided with more and more reports emerging regarding more restrictions on government funding, foundation requirements and other obstacles to nonprofit funding. Janet hopes that Campaigneurs will fill a void and help nonprofits access the right resources and collaborate with the right partners.

Charities need to stop asking for favors and start to offer opportunities for businesses to be involved and to get credit for their contributions.

From your experience, what are the main errors made by businesses looking to give funds or resources to charities? And how can they change this?

The main error is that they think in the short-term. Surely a one time gift can make a big difference if it is big enough. However, most nonprofits I have talked to would prefer a long-term commitment that lets them plan their mission more than a year or six months at a time.
The way for a business to change this would be to become a for purpose business and make a commitment to a cause. This would also benefit the business itself inform of customer loyalty, employee loyalty and PR opportunities.

And how about charities? What mistakes do they make when approaching businesses?

Campaigneurs logoCharities need to stop asking for favors and start to offer opportunities for businesses to be involved and to get credit for their contributions. Being linked to a nonprofit that is well liked in the community is of great benefit to a business. Nonprofits need to remember that they are an equal partner offering equal, yet different, value in return for what they are getting.

What can we expect from Campaigneurs in the future? How can people get in touch with you?

Campaigneurs are still accepting beta sign-ups and the full platform will be launched in January 2015.

All early sign ups will be able to try out the service for free. The way to find out more is to visit

Being linked to a nonprofit that is well liked in the community is of great benefit to a business