Charity Hub Expert Advice

Through chats with some of the leading people in the third sector, our expert advice will provide you with alternative ways to think about fundraising, as well as the inside stories about some of the movers and shakers in the industry. If you’d like to get involved, email us at

Interview with Zoe Amar

Zoe Amar is the founder of Zoe Amar Communications, co-founder of the #socialceos awards, is an associate lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, sits on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing charity interest group – among many other things. We speak to her about a variety of different things – including the best fundraising methods, social media and how transparency can improve the reach of your message online.

Interview with Matt Collins from Charity Chap

Matt Collins is a digital marketer with 10 years experience of working with charities large and small, troubleshooting a number of issues on social media and other digital strategies – as well as running his own training and consultancy on a number of issues. In this interview, he talks about matters regarding what he does, and how charity can better deal with their online marketing through Twitter, Facebook and their newsletters.

fabrily logo

Interview with Kate Shoaf from Fabrily

Fabrily is a crowd-funding platform and enables anyone to sell custom apparel to raise funds and awareness for an appeal or charity. With no up-front costs, Fabrily handles all aspects of order fulfillment and profits generated from the campaign go straight to the appeal. We speak to Kate about why the site was started and how fundraisers can engage with their donor base through new revenue streams.

Interview with Steven Hawkes from Foodcycle

With food poverty a bigger issue than ever before, Foodcycle has had to grow enormously to put up with demand. We speak to Steven Hawkes about how the organisation has helped tackled social isolation and nutritional issues, as well as getting advice as to how other charities can make sure that they are making the most of their opportunities, engaging with the right people and helping communities in the correct way.

Interview with Janet Alexandersson from Campaigneurs

Aiming to connect like-minded businesses and charities so that they can help each other out, Campaigneurs is a site that will be launching shortly and could change the nature of collaborations between the private and third sectors. We speak to founder Janet Alexandersson about her plans for the platform as well as how a shift in attitudes from nonprofits could have an enormous impact in their operations.

Interview with Tib George Ciocirlie from Photofoundation

Getting the right imagery for a website, campaign or appeal can be a costly problem for charities – but Photofoundation offers a simple solution that gives nonprofits access to a bank of rich imagery to use as they see fit, all for free. Tib George Ciorcirle talks us through the site and gives tips on how charities can tailor their campaigns and hit the right notes through their choice of pictures.