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Fuel bills can be and often are astronomical, especially during those heavier winter periods. Thankfully Dial2Donate are here to lighten the burden of a hefty electric bill by bringing a range of cheaper options at wholesale rates. As we source electric prices at wholesale rates direct from over 10 suppliers you benefit from prices much lower than those typically on the high street or price comparison site. Fill out the form above, phone us on 0330 332 5252 or mail us at

The Choice is Yours…

Our team will source a variety of cost-priced packages, giving you the flexibility to choose an option you prefer. The package can be bespoke to your charity’s individual needs, meaning that you can tailor your bill to suit your organisation’s situation exactly.

Low, Low Prices Secured

Energy prices fluctuate and we understand that. Luckily, Dial2Donate is able to secure a contract (for 12-months) based on today’s best deals. And if prices increase? Our original quotation remains low – that’s guaranteed. That means you get today’s prices in 12 months time.

Making the Change – Hassle Free

Changing your electricity provider couldn’t be easier. Simply send the attached ‘LOA’ (letter of authority) copied on letter-headed paper to the team here at Dial2Donate – we’ll do the rest.