Alfie Clarke’s appeal for a life-changing cystic fibrosis vest

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Alfie Clarke Vest Appeal

The Story So Far…

When you first see that gorgeous smile it is hard to believe that Alfie Clarke fights an exhausting daily battle with cystic fibrosis. Like any other little boy Alfie loves to play and he adores time with friends, especially at the Ladybird Nursery, however unlike many others he faces day-after-day of hands-on treatment to maintain his health to the it can possibly be.

Summary of Appeal

  • Alfie Clarke
  • Why needed? To improve quality of life due to cystic fibrosis condition
  • Needed £10,000 for life-changing vest
  • Amount raised £10, 136 – well done Alfie! However, donations are still welcome.

Alfie’s daily treatment

Little Alfie has to endure physiotherapy 3 times a day in a bid to loosen the secretions created by his body’s mucus-producing cells which can rest on the lungs and digestive system. Cupped-hand physiotherapy is often an extremely distressing experience – for Alfie and his family. What is more it is difficult to know whether or not the procedure is hurting or indeed working as effectively as it should do.

Further hospital-based procedures isn’t unusual for Alfie and typically include operations to remove the mucus, which if left can potentially result in unthinkable infections. Alfie’s stay in hospital usually also involves being attached to antibiotic drips in order to manage extremely dangerous mucus-induced infections.

How is a cystic fibrosis vest different?

Basically the innovative cystic fibrosis vest works using just 10 minutes of vibration therapy and unlike manual physio, the vest definitely does work. Alfie will also have the option to use a nebuliser whilst wearing the vest, aiding the procedure further. And as Alfie grows, so does the size of vest he will need to accommodate his changing requirements.

What would a Cystic fibrosis vest mean to Alfie?

These state-of-the-art vests are already widely used throughout America. In addition to boosting Alfie’s daily physiotherapy results and thus vastly improving his quality of life, a cystic fibrosis vest could actually extend his life too.

Dad’s doing all he can possibly do

Alfie’s dad, ‘Darren’ has entered various sponsored sporting events such as running and swimming to raise as much as he can towards his little boy’s specialised vest. In addition Alfie’s nursery are also endeavouring to generate as much funding as possible towards the family’s £10,000 goal. However, there is still a long, long way to go.


Despite Alfie  now having his own, ‘gofundme’ account the Clarke’s still do not have adequate funds to get Alfie the vest he, without a doubt, deserves. Having said that, Alfie’s mum ‘Kelsea’ has been overwhelmed by people’s generosity – so let’s keep on giving. To make your donation simply click.